personalized makeup brushes

Consumer goods are becoming more and more abundant, Shops & supermarkets can buy what you want. Many conventional products have the same specifications and quality, users can choose more places to buy, Therefore, the product premium cannot be reflected,You can only compete on price. This greatly reduces the profit of the product. Makeup brushes have this problem too, plenty of cosmetics store with different brands looking to sell personalized makeup brushes. Through brand own design, purchase makeup brushes that match brand, It is through this part of the difference that more profits are brought.

How to make personalized makeup brushes?

Color: Conventional colors are generally black, white, etc. But if you design the color is similar to your brand logo, Or based on the main color of the website, it will make the brand’s image more memorable to consumers?

Materials: Generally, the material of cosmetic brushes is wooden handle or plastic handle. But there is a brand called REAL TECHNIQUES®, They designed the whole handle to be made of aluminum tube, and the handle and the ferrule are integrated. This unique makeup brush is a very iconic product of this brand.

personalized makeup brushes

The shape of bristle head: A set of makeup brushes can be designed with different hair head shapes according to needs. If you mainly want the makeup brush to be used on the face, then you can make the bristle head according to the shape of the face you want to use., the shape of the bristles for blush and foundation is definitely different, An easy-to-use hair head is very popular with consumers.

Printing: The printing of the handle can also make a distinction between different brands of makeup brushes, the brand logo can be printed on it, and different decorative patterns can also be printed.

Bristle: Hair color can be achieved upon request, there are also different bristle materials to choose from. Whether fiber or natural hair, can be selected on request. Both types of bristle have their own pros and cons, such as horse hair, the bristles are hard and perfect for eyeshadow brushes.

personalized makeup brushes

These aspects can be used by brands for creativity and modification, different creative and different brand positioning, Products will vary. Reflect the difference of the brand. Naturally brings a premium. The simplest example is luxury luggage, a bag can sell for such an expensive price for a luxury item, for what? The first is its personalized design, Seeing the pattern of LV’s classic bag will naturally remind you of their brand, This design has been deeply rooted in the minds of consumers. Of course marketing is also very important.

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that distinguishes one seller’s good or service from those of other sellers. A brand owner is a person or organization that owns a brand.

Brands love personalized makeup brushes for several reasons.

First of all, this brand may have certain strength, Its sales volume allows it to purchase directly from the manufacturer, because only manufacturers can personalise their products 100%. However, there are certain requirements for mini order quantity. If you only buy makeup brushes from your domestic importers or distributors, then there are very few places where you can personalize.

  • Premium — Making more profit is the last purpose of every businessman, The reason why brands design products that are different from other makeup brushes, is to make users feel that our products are unique, then we can sell for a higher price. The brand premium of a product is the final value of each brand, otherwise it is no different from the products in supermarkets and street stalls.
  • Sales — Personalized products can be welcomed by consumers and sell quickly.There are more orders to the manufacturers, which can reduce the cost of production, and get cheaper purchase’s a good cycle,not only can quickly destock, save costs, but also design more popular styles, this is three birds with one stone.
  • Enhance brand awareness — Some classic designs can make consumers remember your brand from the appearance, If the classic style is deeply rooted in people’s heads, That is any marketing don’t bring brand value, As I mentioned above the REAL TECHNIQUES brand, it relies on an aluminum tube makeup brush, When people see this style makeup brush they think of their brand. In fact, it does not only sell makeup brushes, also sells a lot of other beauty products,But it has been much more successful than other brands on the market..

Many consumers prefer branded products, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also because the brand’s products are more unique. it can’t be bought from irrelevant store.Female consumers also care about the beauty of the product and the high-end and design of the packaging. Sometimes a product is not just about its practicality,Also includes the story behind the brand, Where does the inspiration for the design come from? Why we design our products like this? It seems that small changes will be more in line with the user’s psychology.

Many European and American consumers are aware of animal protection and environmental protection, So they are very opposed to experimenting on animals and destroying forest resources, Personalized makeup brushes made by vtcosmetic never have these problems, Most of our products can be made of high-end fiber bristle, Very soft and non-irritating. Our natural hair is also commonly used goat hair, horse hair, etc. These hairs are shaved directly from sheep, just like people need haircuts too, no harm to animals. wood handle is birch that is an artificially planted economic tree. Because it grows faster, it is very suitable for handles,also use bamboo instead of birch for the handle.

These measures will allow brands to have no worries when purchasing our makeup brushes, Better make their designs and brands liked by consumers.

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