Custom Compact Mirror Since 2008

We are a compact mirror manufacturer since 2008, our main job is custom compact mirror, and rich customization experience.

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Custom Compact Mirror Frame Case

Mirror frame include Plastic & Metal, VT Cosmetic

Produced using different processes, and make high quality product


  • We use brand new plastic raw materials, not recycled plastic
  • Products are more environmentally friendly and harmless
  • Product does not smell
  • Pay attention to the smooth surface of the product to avoid scratching
  • Do any Pantone color
  • Case has different surfaces, such as spray paint, plating, UV, etc

Perfect for:

Promotional Mirrors


  • High quality, Good Glossy
  • Weighty & Stainless

Perfect for:

High-grade gift mirror, promotional mirror, selling mirror


  • Very Light & Very Thin, about 2-4mm
  • Do All Pantone Colors, Many Sizes For Choose

Perfect for:

Promotional mirror, selling mirrors

Custom glass Mirrors

V.T Cosmetic provide mirrors include plastic mirror & glass mirror, custom difference mirror according to customer request.

Glass and PE plastic, Glass mirror is easy to shatter, but High definition


Glass mirror is more cheap than PE mirror


Glass mirror is not easy to scratch, PE mirror is easy to scratch, so when production, they must have film on surface

Custom Logo

Want to show the private label on your custom compact mirror? At VT Cosmetic, we make your mirror as a strong promotional gift by helping you to print your logo with proper methods.

Printing Methods

Silk printing, pad printing, hot transfer printing, hot stamp gold, hot stamp silver, engrave laser, dropping glue

Printing Position

Frame surface or glass mirror

Design & Color

Any color design


Custom Packaging

We offers a variety of packaging options to make your compact mirror more attractive to customers. From plastic boxes to high grade gift box of all styles, just feel free to talk with us about your requirements.

Default packaging:

Normally our offer include sticked opp bag package.

Love package by customer:

PVC Transparent box, velvet bag, white box, why? because price is cheap and print brand information on package surface,  and suitable almost customer request.

High grade Package:

Gift box, Tin box,  Luxury brand like it.

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Any questions about customization of makeup brushes and compact mirror, you can talk with VT Cosmetic. We will provide professional solution and free quote, reply into 24 hours

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