Custom Pocket Mirror

☑ Metal pocket mirror is high-grade gift

☑ Unit product feels heavy

☑ Surface is metal color,such as gold, silver

☑ MOQ is lower than plastic mirror

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We provide custom pocket mirror over 10 years,  Especially metal compact mirrors, they are popular with brand owners. It looks like a very high-end gift, many luxury brands, such as LV use it as a promotional gift.

We have many metal mirror molds for select customization, such as logo, it can use press print on surface, or dropping-glue etc… gold or silver with metal glossy let it seem very high-grade.

For Metal mirror, we suggest 2000pcs to start an order, Temporarily not accept custom orders below 1000 unit.

Many customers ask this questions, According to different product requirements, our quotations are different, We implement one-to-one quotation. you can contact to get a free quote.

Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand etc

CE, California 65 test, ROHS, Cadmium test etc…

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Any questions about customization of makeup brushes and compact mirror, you can talk with VT Cosmetic. We will provide professional solution and free quote, reply into 24 hours

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