VT Cosmetic is a lip makeup brush factory, as professional cosmetic brush maufacturer, besides custom lip brush, also produce face brush, eyeshadow brush and brush bundle. any brush can be customized by our company. low price and guarantee excellent quality.

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Why buy a lip brush?

Many makeup brush sets include a lip brush, some friends asked whether it is essential brush, as makeup brush factory, our answer is yes, first its price is very cheap, because it is only a small brush, cost is low. the second some buyers are makeup beginner, they are difficult to draw a perfect shape lipstick with any tool. the third, besides draw lip, it also can use on face tiny position, such as eyelid, lentigo etc…

Do you custom any lip brush?

Yes, please send us design artwork or product image. Not only lip brushes, we can also do other makeup brushes. our pictures are only for your reference. detail project please send email or fill former to get our free quotation.

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Any questions about customization of makeup brushes and compact mirror, you can talk with VT Cosmetic. We will provide professional solution and free quote, reply into 24 hours


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