Design your own makeup brushes

        We can customize any Makeup Brushes

We can produce any makeup brushes, if you need unique products, you can design makeup brushes by yourself, include color, bristle shape, package, logo, etc… meantime accept to open mold according to drawing

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design your own makeup brushes


VT Cosmetic is a makeup brush factory, we OEM or ODM cosmetic brushes according to brand owner request. many big brands, such as LVMH, MAC etc, They have their own design department, they will send us design drawing, we will produce as their request. so their products are unique. because brand value and useful products, althought it is expensive, but people still like to buy their brushes.

How to design your own makeup brushes? handle, ferrule and bristle are main materials of cosmetic brush, their color, bristle hair shape, logo, package all can be customized by brand need, any different single brush can form a makeup brush set. basic on your budget, functions. design by your professional designer, or You know enough about makeup brushes, also can design by yourself. bristle hair shape is very importance, Its quality is directly related to whether the makeup brush is easy to use. designed any style brush, we can finish production. useful designer brush are popular with user.

Please remember” we can produce any makeup brushes“, any questions talk with us

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