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Any makeup brushes can be customized,

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face brush
Eye brush
Lip brush
Kabuki brush

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    In order to meet small business owner requirements, VT Cosmetic launched a wholesale makeup brushes business in 2021. multiple styles and different price range cosmetic brush set for choice. we also accept to print brand on the handle. so that you will operate private label makeup brush set. You can promote your brand and make more profits because of the brand.

    Makeup brush set includes face brush, eye brush, and lip brush, You can sell it as a whole or as a single piece. Based on the wholesale quantity and style, the price of makeup brushes is different. private label has an extra fee, if you need it, please contact us to inquire.

    VT Cosmetic is a makeup brush factory, We provide factory-direct price, Just for small business owners to spend a small amount of money to test the market. So the risk will become smaller.

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