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From eyeshadow brush to eyelash brush, VT Cosmetic can produce any eye brushes. professional eye cosmetic brush set and private eye makeup brush are done perfectly.

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As One of the best eye makeup brush vendors, we can produce any eye brushes, whatever professional eye brush set for makeup artist or private use eye brushes, such as eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrown brush, eyelash brush etc, different head shapes are suitable for different part of eyes.

VT Cosmetic manufactured eye brushes for 10 years experience, every brush is customized by business owner design, cheap price and gurantee quality, eye brushes work with face brushes, a perfecet makeup will apperance.

Large quality order can let price become more cheap. our materials are top-rate, Doesn’t cut corners just because it’s a low profit small brush. if you have new idea, please talk with us, we will provide some plans for your choice. Lower price and better quality is our goal.

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Any questions about customization of makeup brushes and compact mirror, you can talk with VT Cosmetic. We will provide professional solution and free quote, reply into 24 hours


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