As a kabuki makeup brush company, we produce this brush for several years, have rich experience.  kabuki brush only include bristle and body, short handle, but it is suitable for foundation brush, because its head area is larger than normal foundation brush, and touch with large skin.

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Kabuki brush definition is (sometimes called mushroom brush) is a makeup brush with dense to fluffy bristles and most recognizably has a short handle. The brush head is most often rounded, though it can also be flat. Traditionally, the bristles are made of natural materials like animal hair (e.g., goat or horse hair), but most brushes available now on the market have synthetic bristles.

VT Cosmetic is a professional kabuki makeup brush company, customize private label kabuki brush is our daily work. 100% produce brushes according to customer requirements.

Kabuki brush’s functions are similar with large foundation brushes, head shapes have round, angled and flat. because it can touch with skin with large area skin, it ususally apply cream with apple muscle of the face and neck.

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