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The thing that mom lacks the most is the gift we should give

he once-a-year Mother’s Day is coming again. This year it is 9th May Sunday. Although Mother’s Day is the weekend of the second week of May, the dates are different every year.

I opened my photo folder, and each one is a photo of me with my mom. My mom has wrinkles on her face from a beautiful girl, but I have grown from a small child to be taller and stronger than my mom. But my mom did become a little hunched with gray hair. Every wrinkle is a testimony of her care for this family and us.

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day celebrates mothers, and it is also a day to make special efforts to understand and appreciate the role of mothers in our lives. This day usually extends to several generations of mothers, such as grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and mothers.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year. Although Mother’s Day is a national holiday widely used in the United States, it is not a federal holiday or a public holiday (when business is closed).



Mother’s Day
2021 Sunday, May 9
2022 Sunday, May 8
2023 Sunday, May 14
2024 Sunday, May 12

History of Mother’s Day

As long as there is a mother, there is a day to commemorate the mother! In ancient times, the festival to commemorate the mother was usually associated with the gods. Phrygians held a celebration for Cybele, the great mother of God. The Greeks and Romans also respected the image of the mother of their gods. Even today, Durga-Puja, an important festival in India, commemorates the goddess Durga.

In the Middle Ages, people would return to their homes or “mother” churches every year during Lent. (Back then, children usually leave work when they are 10 years old!) Historians believe that returning to the “mother” church led to the tradition of children visiting their mothers and family members on a day off.

In England in the 16th century, this celebration was called “Mother’s Day”. On the fourth Sunday of Lent, children (mainly daughters who work as domestic servants) will be given a holiday to return to their mothers and parish. The eldest son or daughter will bring a “mother’s cake”, which will be shared by the whole family. The family reunion is the ultimate goal of the day. The son and daughter take care of all housework and prepare a special dinner to commemorate their mother. At some point during the day, the mother will attend a special church service with her family.

Mother’s Sunday is also called “refreshment Sunday.” The rules of fasting were relaxed that day. (Usually, today’s gospel is about Jesus feeding people with bread.) The traditional cake, called Simnel cake, is a fruit cake with two layers of almond paste. The cake is topped with 11 marzipan sugar balls, representing 11 apprentices. (Excluding Judas.) Traditionally, sugar violets are also added.

There are many great mothers in the Bible, including SARAH (Mother of Isaac), REBEKAH (Mother of Jacob and Esau), BATHSHEBA (Mother of Solomon) JOCHEBED (Mother of Aaron, Moses, and Miriam, MARY), Mary (Mother of Jesus).

On Mother’s Day, we will give a gift to thank mother for her dedication. Every child is a mother’s baby, and they have been cared for by their mother since they were young. How many gifts are not worth what your mom has given you. The gift is just a child’s gratitude to the mother.

So what gift should I give to my mother? Many people want to break their heads every year, It can’t be repeated with last year, but it must be unique, suitable for your mother. Then start thinking about what the mother lacks the most.

  1. Many children work hard outside. After all, life is not easy, so there is no spare time to accompany their parents. Parents will always feel lonely after retirement. So take advantage of this day to quit all your work, spend a holiday with your mom, such as shopping, chatting, etc., go to the place where you and your mom loved the most when you were young.
  2. Mom has to do housework, work, and take care of you for our family. After decades of hard work, my mother is no longer young, and wrinkles slowly appear on her face, and her long black hair also has white hair. Choose a good set of cosmetics and give it to mom to make her more beautiful. No matter how old you are, being beautiful is a girl’s favorite thing. When buying cosmetics, don’t forget to buy a good set of makeup brushes for mom. A set of high-quality makeup brushes can make mom’s makeup more delicate. If you can buy a personalized makeup brush set and customize mom’s name on the handle, it will become a unique gift.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! –Love from your children

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