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1.What is a promotional gift?

Promotional gifts are extra free gifts that the merchant gives to the customer when the customer purchases the product of the merchant. Promotional gifts are designed to make customers feel surprised and take advantage, so customers can easily remember the merchant’s brand or become potential buyers.

The British Promotional Products Association (BPMA) has conducted several surveys and studies and provided evidence that there is a direct correlation between product advertising and the increase in brand awareness and sales.

In addition to increasing brand awareness and increasing sales, this form of advertising can also bring a better return on investment.

2.Why use promotional gifts?

From the world’s top 500 brands to small business brands, they hope that consumers have a higher awareness of their brands. The product premium brought by the brand is the profit that every business wants to have. For example, when buying a mobile phone, consumers will first consider Apple; for grocery shopping, they will choose Wal-Mart; and, for luxury products, they will be thinking about LV or Burberry, and so on. Although these big brands are well known worldwide, they still have huge expenditures on brand promotion every year. Compared with the considerable support and indirect experience of advertising, promotional gifts can keep customers in touch for a long time, making it easier to remember your brand.

BPMA surveyed nearly 15,000 people who received free promotional products in the previous year. The survey found that:

  • 66% of participants stated that they could recall the brand on promotional products received in the past 12 months.
  • The return on investment of promotional products is higher than that of radio and outdoor advertising and is the same as that of television and print.
  • 79%of people may conduct business with the company again.
  • Most of the participants (87%) kept the promotional products for more than one year!

About half (56%) of the participants said that their impression of the company has improved after receiving brand promotional gifts

3.How to make promotional gifts quickly convert potential customers into actual customers?

Women are the army in the consumer field, and their spending power should not be underestimated. They are willing to pay more for their beauty. Many brands in the fashion industry rely on female customers. Different products have different female customer groups, so it is essential to choose a promotional gift that suits your female customer group. For example, if your customer group is women under 30, they will prefer some colorful or cute promotional gifts. If your customers are fashionable women over 30 years of age with a particular financial ability, they prefer some low-key fashion and luxury promotional items. If your customers are women with excellent financial capabilities, such as luxury stores, then your promotional items should be unique, unavailable on the market, and very high-end. At this time, it is essential to customize a promotional gift that incorporates company elements. Sometimes customers will buy your products because they like the promotional items.

4.Here are the top 5 premiums gift that could help you to capture female customers’ loyalty.

Manicure set: Women value the beauty of their hands very much. They will take care of their fingernails while maintaining their hands. Many women often go to nail salons. Although it is pricey, it always puts a smile on their faces. The manicure set allows her to pay attention to her nails at all times. It is practical and long-lasting, suitable for brands that are selling nail-related services or products.

Blog picture manicure

Compact mirror: A handy niche promotional item, and without age limit. Different Pocket mirrors can be customized according to customer groups and budgets. Customers with low prices choose some plastic ones, and expensive ones can choose some metal ones, or even Swarovski crystal so that the quality of promotional items can be comparable to Swarovski’s grades, but you don’t need to pay the same price as buying from Swarovski. There are many compact mirror styles to choose from, which can be made in different colors, and the surface can be customized with different printing, such as color or gold. Small in size, promotional mirrors can be carried around and used at any time, making it easier for customers to remember your brand. LV has also compact mirrors by their own mold, and they will be given away for free only after reaching a certain purchase amount.

blog mirror

Makeup brush: A makeup brush is a convenient and ideal promotional gift that can be combined freely. Nowadays, the consensus of many women is that no matter the age group, makeup can highlight the temperament and respect other people. Merchants can customize some specific makeup brush combinations according to the budget and the needs of selling products. For example, if you sell facial masks, you can provide a facial mask brush. If you sell eye makeup products, you can customize a set of eye brushes and give them to customers as a gift. Customize your brand on the makeup brush. Sometimes a customer runs out of your products and buys other products but is still using your makeup brush,so that they can never forget your brand and products. Customization makes the product more personalized, in line with the concept and characteristics of the brand itself.

blog brush

The cosmetic bag can also be used as a storage bag which is a promotional gift that female customers prefer. Modern ladies use countless cosmetics. Putting them in a specific storage bag can make the entire makeup table clean and orderly. You can also carry cosmetics on the go.

blog bag

Facial massager: The small facial massage stick can make the face slimmer, which is why it becomes the first choice for female customers. Making yourself thin and beautiful is the life pursuit of every woman, so no matter it works or not, it is a favorite item of all women.

blog facial

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