Everyone in modern times uses mirrors, which have different uses according to various functions. For example, it is a dressing mirror in your room, and it is a bathroom mirror in the bathroom, etc. What is the earliest mirror? Experts think that the earliest mirror maybe the water surface and the smooth and clean water surface reflects the human face, and it naturally becomes the best natural mirror. However, it is not convenient to use indoors, so later, people slowly invented the mirror. For the history of mirrors, please refer to the description of Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror

With the progress of industrialization, from the initial water mirror to the bronze mirror to the modern glass mirror, the clarity of the mirror is getting higher and higher, and the price is getting lower and lower. A bronze mirror may only be bought by the rich in the past, but now the glass mirror has entered every household. In any era, women are the ones who pay the most attention to the beautiful appearance, so compared with men, women prefer to use mirrors, so some cheaper and smaller makeup mirrors appeared. For example, some mirrors are placed on the table, which is convenient for women to use for makeup, and some mirrors can be carried around and can be used at any time when going out. They are convenient for everyone who wants to stay beautiful all the time.

Here, we will introduce the 10 best-selling compact mirrors on Amazon. The arrangement of the mirrors is not based on sales but the popularity predicted by the feedback.

1.Double Side Metal Pocket Mirror

This is a square metal mirror, simple design, double-sided mirror, one side is the normal mirror, and another is the 3X magnification mirror. The metal part is electroplated silver. Bright silver luster looks relatively high-end. The glass mirror is at the bottom to avoid finger is cutted. Better quality and there is weight in hand. Disadvantages, this product has no buckle. If a magnet is used as a buckle, the entire product will easily fall apart once the magnet is damaged, and it is not easy to clean. How about our mirror:

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2. Plastic Round Two Side Compact Mirror

The black plastic compact mirror, not easy to scratch, and the double-sided lens make it easy to see the details of the face. Lightweight, equipped with a buckle, easy to open and close, the buckle is not easy to damage. Compared with the conventional Pocket mirror, the size is slightly larger. The surface of the mirror is large and easy to do some printing, which increases the product variability. The disadvantage is that injection-molded plastic products look low-grade and are not easy to attract consumers. Its drop resistance is not as good as metal frame, so plastic makeup mirrors easily break.


3.LED mirror

The most conventional lighted mirror on the market, round with light strip, suitable for use in places where there is no light at night. This model has the difference between a button battery and a dry battery. The whole product is thicker, and the price will be about 20%-30% higher than the general compact mirror. There are many disadvantages. After Button batteries are stored for a long time and are easy to run out of power. Dry batteries involve transportation safety and are generally not included in the product, so customers sometimes have to purchase specific batteries for use. The second is that electrical components are easily damaged, causing the light strip to fail to turn on usually. In other respects, there is no significant difference from ordinary plastic mirrors.


4. Round metal travel mirror

Besides The rose gold surface it can also be made into an electroplated silver and gold surface, which looks relatively high-end. The outer frame of the product is made of electroplated iron. A single product is heavier and can reach about 70-80g. There are recesses on the surface, which are generally used for dropping glue printing. The advantage of glue printing is that any color patterns can be made, and the MOQ is relatively low. The buckle design of opening and closing compact mirror are very convenient. The price is moderate and good value for money. This model has no obvious shortcomings. If you insist on making a shortcoming, the product is heavier, and it may sometimes not be suitable for holding it with one hand for a long time. With the gift box, it is a good gift for Mother’s Day. Low-key and luxurious, and not easy to be damaged when you go out.


5. Square lighting mirror

Compared with the round shape, size is larger. the mirror has small holes, so light can quickly come in from here, making the whole mirror bright. The light is not milder than the round style(the third point), this one is very soft, and the other shortcomings and functions are the same as round ones. I won’t go into details here, and please refer to the LED mirror.


6. Round Promotional Mirror

Square and round are the regular sizes in Compact mirrors, as well as the classic models. This round mirror has a flat surface with no concavity, and the area that can be printed is relatively large. Besides, this plastic frame is relatively thick, which can effectively protect the glass lens inside. The 10 times magnification lens can effectively magnify the part and see detail clearly. The disadvantage is that it is a simple style, and the injection-molded plastic frame looks relatively cheap and not high-grade. Some elite women prefer it, but it is too simple for some little girls who like colorful colors.


7.  Aluminum One Side Travel Mirror

This is a simple aluminum mirror with only one Normal glass mirror. It can be placed on a stand. It can be used as a makeup mirror on the desktop or as a portable mirror in a bag. It can be folded and has a buckle. Aluminum mirrors are not like plastic compact mirrors, which are integrally formed. They need to be hand-made in every process, so most of the styles are relatively simple, and the aluminum mirrors with complex shapes are more challenging to make. In addition, there are fewer aluminum mirror production plants because of environmental protection requirements, the products are fragile, and they are also resistant to falling. The disadvantage is that there are few styles, and the edge is relatively sharp. Sometimes it is easy to scratch your fingers.


8. Round Plastic Pocket Mirror

It must be admitted that simplicity is the most classic style.  This compact mirror which is sold on Amazon is a black round model. It is the most traditional shape with the most classic color. This surface has an arc shape, plastic buckle, practical, and not easy to damage. The surface can be made of the logo. It has the same shortcomings as other general plastic mirrors.


9. Rose gold Compact Mirror

This model is the same style as the fourth model, except for the printing part. There is no significant difference in the product. There are not many restrictions on the printing part of this style. Any pattern can be made. Transparent dropping glue is attached to the printing to protect the printing from abrasion.


10.  PU Leather Portable Mirror

Entirely artificially made, you can make any shape and size as required, and you can choose a single-sided or a double-sided mirror. This seated leather compact mirror is very classic. Black PU leather, shiny surface, durable and foldable, easy to carry. Ample print space for imprinting or silk printing which is recommended for surface printing. A minimum order requirement is required for customization.


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