rhinestone makeup brush set

Rhinestone Travel Makeup Brush Set

Item No. DB900013

Size: 150 X 40 X 30mm

Weight/PC: 54g

Color: customization

Diamond: handcraft

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100% Handcraft


High Quality

Various Diamonds

The rhinestone makeup brush set is a portable and travel size. It has a variety of makeup brushes that can be used. The large foundation brush is inlaid with rhinestones, and small brushes are also designed to be placed inside.

diamond banner
rhinestone makeup brush set

Diamonds have Artificial diamonds, rhinestones, Swarovski diamonds etc… diamonds color can be choosed. according to area which diamond is stick, also can do logo on surface.

The purpose of the travel-sized makeup brush set is that if you are inconvenient to bring a complete set of makeup brushes with you outside, this compact set allows you to touch up your makeup in time and create a simple and beautiful makeup. It can be placed in your bag and does not take up much space. , the rhinestones on the outside are to match most girls who like sparkling things.

rhinestone makeup brush set
rhinestone makeup brush set

4-in-1 portable makeup brush set, looks like one brush, but actually has 4 makeup brushes, including eye shadow brush and blending brush, with sparkling rhinestones