bling makeup brushes

Swan Bling Makeup Brushes

Item No. DB900012

Size: 35(bristle length) X 100mm

Weight/PC: 95g

Color: customization

Diamond: handcraft

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100% Handcraft


High Quality

Various Diamonds

Swan Bling Makeup Brushes is a good-looking and unique foundation brush. Not only is the hair quality good, but the brushes are also studded with handmade diamonds. They look very high-end. The brushes are swan-shaped, small and cute.

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bling makeup brushes

Diamonds have Artificial diamonds, rhinestones, Swarovski diamonds etc… diamonds color can be choosed. according to area which diamond is stick, also can do logo on surface.

The swan-shaped makeup brush is an exclusively designed product. It uses a high-quality plastic model to make the shell, and then artificially transplants the bristle. You can choose artificial bristle or high-grade wool. It is cruelty-free and suitable for overseas buyers. The hair is soft and skin-friendly.

bling makeup brushes