crystal makeup brush

Rose Crystal Makeup Brushes

Item No. DB900089

Size: 27 X 105mm (1.06*4.13 in)

Weight/PC: 90g

Color: customization

Diamond: handcraft

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100% Handcraft


High Quality

Various Diamonds

Crystal Makeup Brushes are made in the shape of a rose. The entire product has a unique design. It can be used as an ornament or as a makeup brush. It kills two birds with one stone. The surface is decorated with rhinestones and is shiny.

diamond banner

Diamonds have Artificial diamonds, rhinestones, Swarovski diamonds etc… diamonds color can be choosed. according to area which diamond is stick, also can do logo on surface.

The rose-shaped makeup brush was designed because most girls like roses. The crystals on the surface can be customized according to your preferences, with different colors, different specifications, or different styles.