Why Choose Us?

  • We understand the needs of our customers better

Although our company is small, there are not hundreds of employees, and there are not very large and beautiful offices, but our 50 skilled workers are very professional. They have been doing it for many years and are very familiar with their work, regardless of its packaging, making bristle, sticking pipes, etc. We understand that quality is a very important reason why customers can expand into the local market. A good quality can be appreciated by consumers. So if we pick up your order, regardless of the size of the order, we will carefully produce each product. We also know that customers have their own plans, so sometimes customers need urgent orders, we will also strive to meet customer requirements. We always want our customers’ products to sell well in the local market so that they can earn more benefits. We also want to know more about the local market, such as the best-selling styles, the best-selling colors, and the special requirements of local consumers. Customers are also our best teachers in the local market.

  • Better quality

Every company will advertise its quality is the best, but the actual product will always have such problems. Our main export markets are Europe and the United States. Most of the customers in these two markets have special high-quality requirements and can accept some small flaw products. Our products try to avoid some small flaws. Each of our processes will be inspected by professional inspectors to avoid the common problem of each processed product. We cannot guarantee that every product is perfect, but we have our own quality standards that allow each product to meet the needs of our customers. We never deceive customers. If someone tells you that each of their products is perfect, then I think you need to be careful.

  • Better price

some customers complained to me why our prices are so expensive? But I will tell the customer that the quality depends on price, and some cheap prices may be bad quality. We are a responsible company, we will not give you a cheap price in order to deal with you, and then sacrifice quality to reduce costs. Although I can do this completely, the makeup brush is bad to feel for the last consumer. They will not believe in your product in the future. This is a big loss. Sometimes the customer gives an outrageous target price, I will tell him: Maybe we can cooperate next time. We never sacrifice quality to fight for low-priced orders. This is irresponsible to our customers.


. More punctual delivery time

Every customer has encountered an expiration that cannot be delivered. Delaying the order is a problem in every factory. How will we deal with it so that we can deliver the goods to customers on time? Because of our limited production capacity, we will arrange a detailed schedule for each order, including the start of purchasing raw materials, and each step will be arranged in detail. If the customer is an urgent order, but we are sure that there is no way to complete it on time, we generally will not accept the order. Even if this order allows us to make more profit, we will not accept it. Because this will cause late delivery of next orders, which is a damage to our reputation. Our principle is that we would rather earn less money and also ensure that our orders are not delayed. However, based on some unexpected situations, we can’t 100% guarantee that every order can be delivered on time. For example, in the summer, it is easy to have an emergency power outage, environmental inspection, or sudden equipment damage, etc., which is prone to order delay. We will try our best to deliver on time.

. Better service

Many sales always mechanically think that OEM is what the customer needs, what do we do? Always ask the customer-specific ideas, but in fact, the customer has no specific ideas, they sometimes need to listen to your professional information, including some opinions on the best-selling products. Oursalesman always tells you some information from a professional point of view. More for considering for the customer, making it easier for customers to sell their makeup brushes.


.  Better location

Our company is located in Ningbo, China, 40 kilometers away from Ningbo Port and 200 kilometers away from Shanghai Port. It is very convenient for sea transportation, air transportation, cheap freight charge, and more cost reduction. In addition, here we are the concentration of makeup brushes, many factories, complete raw materials, complete industrial chain, more freight forwarding companies, more favorable transportation costs. There are many upstream and downstream supporting factories, it is easy to find the spare parts factory, and there will be no delay in delivery due to the problems of the accessories factory.